Several small aircraft are turned into flying hospitals to provide quick medical attention to patients and accident victims. The aircraft fly with necessary medical facilities and an experienced medical staff including physicians.

Who operates air transfer services for patients?

The service is provided by an experienced ambulance company that owns a fleet of medical vans and aircraft. It also has an efficient ground and air staff to provide intensive medical care for patients. Request for air transfer can be made to the company office that operates round the clock. Emergency services are provided at no extra cost and also patients can schedule their travel in advance. The service connects small cities  hospitals with the healthcare facilities of the rest of India and the world.

What was the need for starting an air transfer service?

Book Air ambulance is started with the single aim of improving the city’s healthcare services. Some patients need quick attention and if the help isn’t provided in the golden time, the results could be fatal for patients. It has been discovered that surface transport takes up a lot of time and is not as safe as air transport. Air transfer was also needed to ease pressure from the healthcare facilities of the city. Now patients that need intense care can be shifted to Mumbai or AIIMS Delhi.

The service is available for all major cities and nearby areas where there are no hospitals or clinics. The service operator receives calls from distant areas and the service is provided on an urgent basis. Since the aircraft and the medical staff are kept ready to fly, patients don’t have to wait long to reach patients. The air service is supported by ground staff that helps shift patients from their home accident spots to aircraft.

Can intensive care be given in an aircraft?

Book Air ambulance, a well-equipped aircraft with all the necessary medical facilities for life-saving operations. And also the medical staff that accompanies the patients know how to provide intensive care. The staff can treat patients in critical conditions like heart attack and brain hemorrhage. Choosing air transfer increases the chances of saving a life. It is like a lifeline for patients that need immediate help.

The patients can be shifted to any part of the country and the world. The operator has permission to operate aircraft to selected international destinations in the USA, Europe, Middle East and South East & West Asia.

Book Air ambulance is arranging Air ambulances in India’s major cities. This well-equipped airplane has all the life-saving medical facilities, and the medical staff that accompanies the patients knows how to give intensive care.