Most of the things and pleasures in our life come and go multiple times. But, some only come only once and when you lose them, you don’t get a second chance. The job, money, and even the house can be re-established once lost but when someone loses the life itself or a family member, could he/she bring that back? Exactly. 

Health, family, and life itself are the things that we, the humans are blessed with only once. And many times it has been seen that we either ignore them completely while getting involved with less-pressing matters or we don’t have sufficient knowledge when it comes to seeking help when an emergency occurs. Most people are still not aware of the air ambulance service in India as well as how benefits it turns out in case of an acute emergency. 

An Air ambulance service in Delhi is nothing but the process of picking up a patient from a faraway location to a center when the required medical services are available or in the second case, picking up a patient who is going through a critical trauma or an extreme medical emergency and must be transported to the nearest medical facility. He is then picked up by an ambulance helicopter or airplane which is equipped with all the essential medical equipment as well as trained staff. Such a service is, in most cases, turns out to be no less than a blessing for not only the patient but also the patient’s family. Many people have different questions about air ambulance services when the time calls for it. Here’s the list of the most raised questions with the answers: 

Q: When and why should I hire an air ambulance?

Normal ambulances don’t have ICU setups in them. However, air ambulances have very high-tech ICUs set up in them. Moreover, a team of specialists, nurses, medical, and paramedical staff is always present in the air ambulances to take immediate care of a patient. If the distance between the medical facility and the patient is more than 150 to 200 miles, the family members of the patients should definitely choose the option of the air ambulance. Sometimes the medical attention a certain patient requires isn’t available in the local hospitals and the need of transferring them to a bigger and more-advanced facility arises. In such a case, air ambulance services come really handy. Acute burn, heart, head, brain, spinal cord injuries, and cancer treatment are some of the problems that require a more specialized operation. 

Q: Can Air Ambulance Services Operate During the COVID 19 Crisis? 

Yes, of course. Since the ambulance services are considered emergency services, they are always operatable regardless of land or air operations. During the COVID 19 pandemic, medical staff and non-medical staff of the air ambulance take all the necessary measures to transport the patient and his/her family safely to the medical facility. 

Q: What Kind of Services the Air Ambulance Service Offers for Patients in India?

The air ambulance service can provide services in both India and out of India. In today’s times, almost all the medical services are already available in India and hence, most of the patients don’t have to fly aboard to get immediate attention. Moreover, even if they need immediate medical attention, various great hospitals outside India are within the reach of our services.


Q: How Can I Contact and Utilize Air Ambulance Services?

Our services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. That means, we never take a day off and are always ready to continually serve you. You can contact us any time and we will be there. 

We hope that these questions have quenched the doubts that might be clouding your mind about whether or not to hire an air ambulance service in case of emergency. 

Air ambulance services are the fastest, latest, most efficient, and optimal ways to bring a critical patient directly to the medical help he is required. Moreover, since the traffic in the major and average Indian cities is increasing on a daily basis, every second that you pass during stuck in a traffic jam feels extremely heavy to pass on. 

It is always a more intelligent way to switch to a fool-prove way of transportation in case of emergencies or when lives are at stake.