In recent times with the advancement in technology and medical services. And despite the constant upgrades in the quality of life our infrastructure and rural areas are not developing as fast as they should. Which is why ambulances are having a hard time getting patients to the hospital on time and they are not spacious enough to have paramedics on board who will start the treatment immediately. Whereas a book air ambulance will take care of all the problems you could face otherwise, getting you safe and sound with the best treatment that you need in your golden hour.

“It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” This famous quote wasn’t inspired by an air ambulance, but it should have been. After all, medical situations spring up without any notice, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared with some safety and protection measures for you and your loved ones. If you need to get somewhere safely and quickly, here are some common reasons why people might need our Book Air Ambulance.

  1. Remote Locations

Vacationing in remote and peaceful places could be exactly what you need or you could just be visiting a remote place. But a medical emergency can spring out of nowhere, and if you are facing a medical emergency in a location that is not equipped to handle it, you could be in serious trouble. With Book Air ambulance, you will never have to worry about visiting remote areas. If you get sick or injured, an air ambulance will transport you to the nearest hospital with the best facilities so that you get the medical attention you need along with support from your family.

  1. Family Assistance

It is said that patients recover better in assistance of family and we provide you with that. If you want the assistance of your family in your golden hours this is the best service for you. However, it always depends on the situation of the patient and as per that the on board paramedic and pilot decide if they can allow your family on board. But it is best to have them around as they can motivate you to heal quicker and not lose hope.

  1. Insufficient medical care near your location

No matter where you live, sometimes medical facilities won’t be able to provide the specific care you need at that very moment. It could be because you live in a remote part of the country or a densely populated city, an air ambulance can take you to a hospital anywhere that is close and has the best facilities, so as to treat your specific condition. It could be unavailability of a specialist or an unavailable time slot, roadblocks and any other hindrance that can come in the way of you getting the medical treatment you need.

  1. Lack of options

Injuries and illnesses happen. And when they do, arranging a commercial flight from small airports with economy seating to get the medical care you need might not be your best option. Traffic is going to really cause problems for an ambulance which is why we provide our Book Air Ambulance. To ensure you get where you need to go when you need to, our air ambulance will get you there, safe and sound, in your own private medically equipped Book Air Ambulance in India.

  1. Hospital-to-hospital care

Sometimes, patients need to manage their medical care between two or more facilities. If the distance is too far to travel by ground, an air ambulance is a reliable and convenient option to receive medical attention in multiple locations. We at Book Air Ambulance are dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones get the medical attention you deserve. With access to medical aircraft, our commercial airline medical escorts, and our commercial airline stretcher flights, we will get you where you need to go, anytime, day or night.

The charges will be different based on the package the person selects, but Book Air Ambulance offers discounts up to 50% in membership fees for the first 5000 members. Book Air Ambulance offers a variety of packages tailored to match your specific needs.

Specifically, we have 3 packages to offer:

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.5000 which offers a 35% discount on tariff and has a 1 year validity. This package you can get the same offer for an immediate family member to avail the same services.

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.8000 that offers a 45% discount on tariff and has a 1 year validity. In this package, you can get the same offer for 4 immediate family members to avail the same services.

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.13000 that offers a 50% discount on tariff and has a 1 year validity. This package you can get the same offer for 6 immediate family members to avail the same services.

Additionally, membership will grant you discounts on the purchase of goods and services from some of India’s top brands who are our preferred partners. Besides patient transfer discount, you are also eligible to avail discounts in pharmacy and health care products, diagnostics and health check-up packages, and the plethora of lifestyle and travel products and services from our partners and associates.

Here is your chance to ensure the safety and security of you and your loved ones. Do not wait for an emergency to occur, take matters into your own hand and make the wise decision and buy the Book Air Ambulance package that suits your needs. We promise the best healthcare and professional paramedics for all. So, before it’s too late, Book an Air Ambulance and let us take the best possible care we can.

For all your medical needs contact and Book Air Ambulance today!