Having easily available transport to a hospital has been a problem since ancient times, the sick used to be carried by surface ambulances from the war zones to military hospitals and primary to tertiary care centre causing a significant increase in morbidity and mortality. Most of the time transport by ground ambulance was not possible due to the sheer logistical nightmare of time involved, non-availability of critical care equipment’s for such a long duration and weakening of patients more during transport.

The excessive injury and mortality of soldiers during wars lead to the concept of air ambulance services for saving valuable lives and decreasing the mortality rate. The first recorded use of an aircraft for evacuation of soldiers was during the first world war when an Italian soldier who required amputation of both legs in a remote war zone with no medical facilities was evacuated to tertiary care centre on a flight taking 3 hours, while the ground ambulance journey would have taken 6 days to reach the same hospital.

With the increasing requirement of transferring patients to save lives and provide the best medical care, Air ambulances have become a part of the emergency medical services system. There is a need to provide comprehensive emergency and critical care to all types of patients during rescue operations aboard a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft. The services are extremely advanced ICU in air and life saving for many who are evacuated from extremely hostile territories and remote places lack medical facilities.

The first fixed-wing aircraft was used in world war for an Italian patient in 1917 but well-equipped air ambulances were only used during the second world war, where the air ambulances were used not only to transfer patients to the hospital but also for an in-flight treatment, as well as minor surgeries performed in the air. Obviously it was used during wars and the requirement to transfer patients from hostile war zones to safe hospitals was instrumental in developing the concept of air ambulance services which was logically extended to civilian populations. The use has expanded to a fully equipped ICU in the air with all the necessary treatments being given in air and patients being transferred on ventilators, pacemakers and balloon pumps.

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