We live in a generation that is technologically advanced and is upgraded every minute. Be it education, entertainment or healthcare, we need and we demand for the latest version of any product or service available. The quality of life and the life expectancy ratio has gone up reducing the mortality rate. In recent times, the number of automobiles has gone up and the quality of roads have continued to deteriorate. If you live in a city, you probably know how crowded and clustered life gets. Traveling takes longer than it did earlier, people are often stuck for hours at a stretch in traffic. Given the traffic in most metropolitan cities, you can’t let a loved one’s life come to a standstill.

Also, villages and remote areas lack most medical facilities that are extremely necessary. They do not have multispecialty hospitals that can treat critical patients or are far from reach. Sometimes, there aren’t experienced professional paramedics available to adhere to the patient at that given hour of need. It is necessary for a service beyond just the usual road-based ambulance for these emergency situations.

Besides this, you may be wealthy or you may have the insurance but no means to transfer an ICU patient to an ultra-modern hospital in his Golden Hours. Then what?

Here comes the Air Ambulance in India into play. Book Air Ambulance in India provides only the best services for their patients. They have professional paramedics on board across many cities. Their paramedics have specializations in various areas of healthcare.

According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), trauma-related injuries remain one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Expeditious treatment is crucial to successfully manage trauma victims, as small delays in care may mean the difference between life and death. One of the fundamental views of trauma care is the ‘Golden Hour’-a term coined to emphasize the importance of treating trauma patients as quickly as possible. It represents the first peak in the trimodal distribution of trauma mortality, in which the majority of trauma deaths occur within the first hour after the injury. Due to the rapidly deteriorating nature of many trauma injuries, it is believed that the survival rate of the patient decreases dramatically if they do not receive definitive medical treatment within this 1-hour window.

According to the National Trauma Research Repository (NTRR), trauma accounts for over 41 million visits to the emergency department each year. Most emergency department patients are transported to the hospital by emergency medical services using ground ambulances. Air ambulance emergency medical services became available to civilians very recently and gave hospitals a new opportunity to transport patients when ground transportation was ineffective or unfeasible. Book Air Ambulances offer clear advantages compared to their road-based counterparts. You get faster transport time, air-based travel, and more experienced medical crew. This extended medical access to patients injured in remote or inaccessible locations, or critically injured trauma patients that necessitated expedited on-scene arrival.

So, would you prefer a ground ambulance or Book Air Ambulance? Air Ambulances in India are a little steep, but they are quick and essential when it comes to critical patients. But you need not worry, as every flight on-board will have an executive who will co-ordinate with the family members through WhatsApp, keeping them updated about the patient’s condition.

Charges will be different based on the package the person selects; Book Air Ambulance offers discounts up to 50% in membership fees for the first 5000 members. Book Air Ambulance offers a variety of packages tailored to match your specific needs.

Specifically, we have 3 packages to offer:

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.5000 which offers a 35% discount on tariff and has a 1-year validity. This package you can get the same offer for an immediate family member to avail the same services.

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.8000 that offers a 45% discount on tariff and has a 1-year validity. In this package you can get the same offer for 4 immediate family members to avail the same services.

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.13000 that offers a 50% discount on tariff and has a 1-year validity. This package you can get the same offer for 6 immediate family members to avail the same services.

Additionally, a membership will grant you discounts on purchase of goods and services from some of India’s top brands who are our preferred partners. Besides patient transfer discount, you are also eligible to avail discounts in pharmacy, health and fmcg products, diagnostics and health check-up packages, plethora of online lifestyle products such as travel, entertainment, restaurants, spa, saloon, etc from our partners and associates.

Now, it’s on you to make the smarter choice and pick what’s best for you and your family in the time of your medical emergency. We promise the best healthcare and professional paramedics for all. So, before it’s too late, Book an Air Ambulance and let us take the best possible care we can.