Everyone wants to make sure that they take care of their family, to provide for them to make sure they are fit and fine. It is your duty as an individual to take care of your family, but are you prepared? Any sudden injury or sickness can strike at any moment, anywhere and you have to do your bit to make sure that they get immediate treatment. Do you have a medical insurance to cover up all the costs? Now, we know this all might be a little scary and overwhelming for you, but you need to understand that Book Air Ambulance is here to do what’s best for our patient and making sure they get only the best medical treatment possible.

Having a Book Air Ambulance package would come in handy if you are injured while traveling or if you require medical care due to an emergency or any medical condition that requires specialized care that is not available in your local hospital or health-care services centre. It may be used during an emergency or to obtain specialized services.

Air Ambulance coverage may be included in health insurance. Air ambulance services and air medical transport are not something we usually think about when we are healthy. It’s important to review your travel insurance or healthcare insurance coverage in advance to choose a policy that offers air ambulance coverage with lower out-of-pocket expenses, reasonable deductibles and the co-insurance that works best for you.

The definition of an air ambulance, also known as a medical air transport, is any form of aircraft equipped with medical supplies, equipment and qualified medical professionals that will provide mobile medical care to a patient during transport to a medical facility specialized in responding to the medical needs of the patient in transport. An air ambulance transports patients to medical facilities when other transportation will not be adequate for them to receive necessary medical care. Our mission is to ensure the best possible medical care during transport of a patient to a medical centre or hospital equipped to best deal with the condition, injury or illness. Air ambulances are largely used in emergency medical situations or situations where timing is of the essence in helping a patient receive treatment. When you are injured during a trip and would like to be transported home to receive care near home

  • If you need to go to medical facilities for specialized treatment
  • If you need to be transported to a rehabilitation centre to receive specialized care
  • If being transported by ground is impossible or will provide a risk to your health

Many people who have insurance through their employer, a private travel insurance or health insurance plan, Medicaid or Medicare don’t think twice about an ambulance bill because they think the insurance company pays for it. Given the clauses in health and travel insurance policies like deductibles and co-insurance, even in cases where coverage is provided, you could still end up with a hefty bill.

Air Ambulances are not automatically covered and are subject to the definitions of the situation by each insurance company. Depending on your health coverage, the air ambulance may take you to the nearest medical facility where you can be treated, or if your package provides a higher level of coverage, it may take you all the way home. It is where it becomes important to fully understand the coverage you have purchased and based on your personal situation and the kinds of activities or which specific hospital you want to go to, which specialised paramedic will travel with or to, you should decide on how much air ambulance coverage you need. But often you are not prepared for what is yet to come, which is why you can rely on our expert care and service. We want to make every minute in the patients golden hour counts and we hope to extend it. With the level of medical advancements we have, we can easily better the quality of life and reduce mortality rates. Take a look at all are packages to understand what fits best for you.

The charges will be different based on the package the person selects, but Book Air Ambulance offers discounts up to 50% in membership fees for the first 5000 members. Book Air Ambulance offers a variety of packages tailored to match your specific needs.

Specifically, we have 3 packages to offer:

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.5000 which offers a 35% discount on tariff and has a 1 year validity. This package you can get the same offer for an immediate family member to avail the same services.

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.8000 that offers a 45% discount on tariff and has a 1 year validity. In this package, you can get the same offer for 4 immediate family members to avail the same services.

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.13000 that offers a 50% discount on tariff and has a 1 year validity. This package you can get the same offer for 6 immediate family members to avail the same services.

Additionally, membership will grant you discounts on purchase of goods and services from some of India’s top brands who are our preferred partners. Besides patient transfer discount, you are also eligible to avail discounts in pharmacy and health care products, diagnostics and health check-up packages, and the plethora of lifestyle and travel products and services from our partners and associates.

Take this chance to ensure the safety and security of you and your loved ones. Do not wait for an emergency to occur, take matters into your own hand and make the wise decision and buy the Book Air Ambulance package that suits your needs. We promise the best healthcare and professional paramedics for all. So, before it’s too late, Book an Air Ambulance in India and let us take the best possible care we can.

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