In earlier times it was harder to get hold of an ambulance because of the lack of multiple ambulances and now we have reached a stage where hospitals are well equipped enough and have multiple ambulances available at all times. However, despite the advancements and availability of services the traffic in big cities and inadequate roads, bad infrastructure has led to ambulances to spend longer in traffic. Even though other vehicles on the roads make way for the ambulance, the metropolitan cities are way too crowded with numerous automobiles on the street making it harder for the ambulance to move as quickly as it should.

It is our privilege to say that we understand India needs advanced services like Air Ambulances to take medical care to newer levels. With Book Air Ambulance we aim to provide 24/7 air ambulance service across India in order to save lives and keep up the mortality rate. With advancements in technology, we want to make sure that we apply them to medical facilities and treatments making any patient’s life easy and long.

Metropolitan cities are highly populated and they are known to be the cities that never sleep which is what causes them to be one with the highest number of accidents and medical cases. The advanced and international quality medical facilities and hospitals attract thousands of people from the various parts of the globe to these metropolitan cities for some advanced medical treatments. But often these treatments are not possible when you can’t reach them which is where Book Air Ambulance comes into the picture.

We have been revolutionizing the medical care services with our Air Ambulances that will be at your service in case of any accident or medical emergency. We care about every second of your golden hour and want you to survive through it which is why we have the most renowned professional paramedics, well-trained staff as well as the best on flight treatments for immediate assistance in the healing process. When it comes to treating the patient, no time wasted as we value every second of their golden hour. Survival and healthy living is what we strive for.

You can now avail the complete benefit of Book Air Ambulance services all over India at an extremely reasonable cost. We are the one-stop destination for all the varied kinds of air ambulances and emergency medical needs. The Leading Air Ambulance in India – Book Air Ambulance is now available in many cities across India so that you get the best healthcare services all over the country. You can choose to fly to the hospital that is near your home or to the hospital where your specialist is available at. We make it easy and efficient for you to get there safe and sound and receive the immediate treatment you need. Find an Air Ambulance in Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, Guwahati, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Raipur, for a convenient plan that you can rely on in any critical medical emergencies for we have only the best expert medical team and offer an advance life support system.

We are not restricted to any particular location and offer our quickest and most reliable services all over India, to provide transportation for your loved ones in their golden hour of need. Contact Book Air Ambulance for any critically medical emergency. We take on the patient without delaying for even a moment after you have placed a booking call through online/offline with an effective bed to bed emergency service management. Now all you got left to do is actually book the best package that suits your needs.

How to select the package you ask? The charges are different based on the package you decide to select, but Book Air Ambulance offers discounts up to 50% in membership fees for the first 5000 members. Book Air Ambulance offers a variety of packages tailored to match your specific needs. Here’s all you need to know regarding our packages.

Specifically we have 3 packages to offer:

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.5000 which offers a 35% discount on tariff and has a 1 year validity. This package you can get the same offer for an immediate family member to avail the same services.

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.8000 that offers a 45% discount on tariff and has a 1 year validity. In this package, you can get the same offer for 4 immediate family members to avail the same services.

This package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.13000 that offers a 50% discount on tariff and has a 1 year validity. This package you can get the same offer for 6 immediate family members to avail the same services.

Additionally, our membership will grant you discounts on purchase of goods and services from some of India’s top brands who are our preferred partners. Besides patient transfer discount, you are also eligible to avail discounts in pharmacy and health care products, diagnostics and health check-up packages, and assortment of lifestyle and travel products and services from our partners and associates.

Here is your chance to ensure the safety and security of you and your loved ones. You never know when an emergency would occur, so take matters into your own hand while you still have the time to do so. Misfortunate events come without knocking on a door, are you prepared? Make the wise decision to book a Book Air Ambulance package that suits your needs and always being prepared for any medical emergency that comes your way.

Don’t take a risk with the lives of your loved ones. We at Book Air Ambulance promise to provide the best healthcare and professional paramedics you need at all times. So, before it’s too late, make sure you do your bit to protect your loved ones, Book an Air Ambulance and let us take the best possible care of your loved ones.