There’s a constant debate about what to pick between an air ambulance and a ground ambulance. A ground ambulance will save you money, but an air ambulance will save you time in your golden hour. You may have many questions regarding what’s better for you and your family, and we are here to answer these for you. There are quite a few factors that one needs to consider when you are taking a look at selecting an Air Ambulance in Mumbai or a ground ambulance.

Here are some factors that you could be concerned with when booking an ambulance:

  • Availability

Many people think of air ambulances as a form of transport that is only available to rescue services or insurance companies. That’s not true anymore, they have become available for civilians as they now provide a 24-hour service with well-trained paramedics and plane staff. Back in the day, it was a common thing to see helicopters being used for patient transport. But that isn’t a viable option over a long distance, making people think that an air ambulance is an option available only for private individuals. However, that’s no longer the case as we provide packages that are worth investing in to secure your life. We have air ambulances that are equipped with intensive care equipment and are used for private deportation every day, especially for long-distance trips.

  • Waiting time

It’s another common belief is that it takes longer to prepare an air ambulance with its pilots and team of doctors than a normal ground ambulance that is on the go. However, our Book Air Ambulance in India is on the go and we provide the best care possible with highly specialized medical professionals. We transport all our patients safely and start their treatment immediately so that we don’t waste even a second of their precious golden hour.

  • Flexibility

People assume that air ambulances are like scheduled aircraft and that they only fly to major distant locations, and transporting patients by air takes longer than in a ground ambulance. On the contrary, our air ambulances can fly to small, regional and less known airports, which are closer to the patient’s home or to where their specialist is. Not to forget all the traffic that would slow you down if you plan to take the road. Therefore, using an air ambulance is often worthwhile for saving your time as it matters the most during a patient’s golden hour, even on shorter routes.

  • Tagging along with the family and luggage

People are more likely to pick a ground ambulance because they think that no other passengers (relatives) or luggage can be transported by an air ambulance. But not anymore, while vehicles only allow one person to accompany the patient, and minimal luggage, we can take several passengers and more luggage in an air ambulance, depending on the type of air ambulance being used, the situation as well as the package you have applied for. We make sure you are with your loved ones in your critical moments so that you heal quicker.

  • Safety

Another misconception is that patients who require intensive care cannot be safely transported by plane, and they believe the best option for them is ground transport. However, many simply do not know what is possible in air ambulances in terms of technology. Air ambulances have numerous benefits, for example, we can adjust the cabin pressure in air ambulances to be the same as at ground level, if necessary, so we can transport seriously ill patients quickly and safely. Air ambulances are most often the safest method of deportation. On the road, the risk of having an accident is significantly higher than in the air and not to forget the crazy never-ending traffic. Planes are quicker than ground ambulances, shortening the patient’s suffering and getting them the intensive treatment they need.

  • Cost

The ground ambulance is a clear winner from a cost-based perspective. However, when families of patients decide against using an air ambulance in favour of a ground ambulance, there is often a financial reason for their decision. Although the ground ambulance is the cheaper option, deportation by a ground ambulance takes way longer than it would by an air ambulance. An air ambulance flight of two to three hours would take a ground ambulance an entire day or longer. You can’t risk that during a patient’s golden hour. Therefore, we won’t suggest using a ground ambulance for seriously ill patients who need to be transported over a long distance for economic reasons alone. You can’t pay the price of life. We ensure the well-being of our patients is always a top priority for us.

Ground ambulances are cheaper than air ambulances. But if you consider other important aspects, such as quick availability, short waiting times, flexibility, transportation of other passengers and luggage, and, above all, safety, it is the air ambulance that stands out.

The charges are different based on the package you decide to select, but Book Air Ambulance in India offers discounts up to 50% in membership fees for the first 5000 members. Book Air Ambulance offers a variety of packages tailored to match your specific needs. Here’s all you need to know regarding our packages.

Specifically, we have 3 packages to offer:

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Package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.8000 that offers a 45% discount on tariff and has a 1-year validity. In this package, you can get the same offer for 4 immediate family members to avail of the same services.

Package of Book Air Ambulance has a membership fee of Rs.13000 that offers a 50% discount on tariff and has a 1-year validity. This package you can get the same offer for 6 immediate family members to avail of the same services.

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