When you think about air ambulances, there are three types primarily famous. From them, the private jets are the expensive ones. They have all the amenities inside the flights, and the patients are carried in the best way possible. If you need urgent care and you must move quickly, private jets work the best. These are very big and spacious for carrying the patients. Air Ambulance Service in India mostly is private jets. These have all the facilities patients can ask for. However, there are some conditions where traveling by air becomes risky for the patients. It is where private medical flights come into the picture.

Benefits of private medical flights

  1. It provides you with personalized services.

When you opt for a private medical flight, you get all the personalized services. In addition, you will be getting a dedicated team looking after your needs. From the booking time to the boarding, they will take special care of you. It means that there is more flexibility and reliability. The experts are well trained, and they know about handling patients.


  1. The transfer will be efficient.

Private medical flights are much faster than commercial ones. Since they only move when there are patients, they have high speed. And, these flights are pretty efficient. So, you will be taken in the shortest time, without any delays.


  1. Having discreet members

When going through private medical flights, the dedicated team will look upon you throughout the entire journey. Further, they will ensure that the flight is safe for you. Therefore, your presence will not be disturbed, and you can travel in peace and privacy.


  1. You will be provided with more excellent destination choices

Private care provides you with wide offers that are comprehensive. Further, you can travel to various destinations than commercial flights. You can fly from any airport in the world. This makes it easy for you to take the specialist as you need.


  1. The packaging is tailored.

You will get a tailored package when you book a flight giving your specific needs. If you have any dietary needs or requirements, they will be taken care of. Even If you have any special equipment, you can take it during the journey. The flight team will do their utmost to accommodate all the wishes.


  1. Providing flexibility and peace of mind

 You will be traveling with experts who can handle your medical condition. You have nothing to worry about. If an emergency occurs, the experts can take urgent actions during the flight.

There is total flexibility when you book a private medical flight. You can change the flight details if there are any changes. It will include the dates and timings and the aircraft type like how you want it.

Can air ambulances fly at night?

Air ambulances provide services to critical patients who need to be quickly transported to hospitals. Night flights are beneficial to get care sooner. There are several benefits of night flights. First, the patients can be transferred to better-equipped hospitals to get specific treatments. The ambulance avoids traffic, and you will reach the hospitals quickly.

Night flying is less expensive than day one. But there are risks with night flights too. The pilots must be specially equipped to fly at night. Only a few airports provide a permit to fly after dark. The air ambulances can fly at night. Further, air ambulances must check and weigh the benefits and risks when deciding on patient care.

Air ambulances can fly during rain also. But the operators should consider the weather conditions. For example, if there is thunder and lightning, operators must be careful while washing. Bad weather should be avoided at all costs. Dangerous weather conditions will put the patient’s life in danger as well.


If you consider flying with private flights for emergency care, choose a reputable company. They will provide you with the best services. Choose companies with many years of experience. They know what the patients want the most.