Many of us have once come across a medical emergency. It requires instant action to relocate a patient from home to hospital. Due to hurry, sometimes there is dropping down of stretcher. It can result in serious issues related to the health of the patient. The avoidance of the circumstances is possible by choosing air medical transport for extraordinary solutions.

The Air Ambulance Service in Indore can transfer a patient to a hospital or organ transfer at home in a few minutes. There are plenty of benefits available with the choice of air ambulance services. However, before you decide to hire them, it is essential to know about some myths related to the services. As a result, the choice of the right assistance is possible to meet demands related to emergency medical services.

If you want to know about the facts or myths, you can look at the following information. A better understanding of what you need to avoid for getting air ambulance services is possible. As a result, you will get the best experience while traveling in an air ambulance.

Not performance of CPR in air ambulance

Many people believe that there is no performance of CPR for a patient suffering from a cardiac attack. It is not valid. In the air ambulance, there is a team of expert doctors and nurses. They are correctly taking care of the patient’s health during the transport. As a result, the patients will not suffer from any problem or critical condition while relocating to the targeted hospital.

Expensive cost of air ambulance transportation

Many people refuse to take the air ambulance service because of the expensive cost. They consider the charges of the ambulances high. They need to learn that the charges of the year ambulance transportation are favorable for their pockets. It does not include any extra charge for transferring patients from home to hospital via air. The elimination of the myth is essential for getting the best services for a sick patient.

No qualified staff in air ambulance

Many patients claim the absence of qualified staff in the air ambulance. They think that the doctors and experts do not have adequate experience in treating the disease. Instead of it, the journey of the land-based ambulance is reliable. It is another myth that you need to avoid. The experts and nurses have years of experience. They provide the services according to their expertise for careful monitoring and continued treatment during the journey.

No medical assistant during transportation

You should not believe the fact because there is the availability of expertise and proper medical assistance during transportation. You can get the services according to the requirement for appropriate care and monitoring of your health. Make sure that you do not rely on fake news and get the benefits of air ambulances to know about medical assistance.

So, these are the myth that you need to avoid while booking air ambulances for immediate treatment of sick patients.